Photolive (Free) Manual

Photolive slideshow that automatically updates with new images at full screen.Use for Eye-Fi or Wireless Transmitter.This manual explains how to use Photolive.



Getting to know the Photolive

Photolive monitors the folder and displays the image when a new image is added to the folder.

Photolive Window
Responsive image
  1. Slide show image folder
  2. Random Pickup
  3. Display Time
  4. Transition Pattern
  5. Background Color
  6. Play/Pause Button
  7. Fullscreen Button
Playing screen
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Buttons are hidden after several seconds.

  1. Setting Button
  2. Play/Pause Button
  3. Fullscreen Button

Full screen

Buttons are hidden after several seconds.When the escape key is pressed down, normal screen display is made.

Responsive image

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